Bevap is “AAA”

Bevap brings artificial intelligence and IoT to the process of harvesting, transhipment and transportation of sugarcane
3 de December de 2018
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Bevap is “AAA”

BEVAP Bioenergy’s agricultural performance in the 2017/18 harvest was attested through the Pre-Rating conducted by BENRI (Biomass Energy Research Institute), an independent rating system for sugar cane, sugar, ethanol and energy producing units. When evaluating the unit, the grade attributed to all the agricultural activities in the 2017/18 harvest was “AAA”.

Among the evaluated highlights, BEVAP took AAA in:

• Planting Mechanization
• Fuel Consumption of Harvesters
• Yield of Harvesters
• Longevity of the Canavial
• Agricultural Productivity

Ranked as Agricultural Operational Excellence, reflecting the best practices of the sugar-energy sector!