What is ISO9001?

ISO 9001 was elaborated by the Quality Mangement and Quality Assurance Technical Committee (ISO/TC 176), this document results from the revision published by ABNT, the Brazilian version of the standard is ABNT NBR ISO 9001, 2008.

It is the standard that certifies the Quality Management Systems and defines the requirements for the implementation of the system. This document has standardization tools, it is a safe model for the implementation of Quality Management.

The purpose of the standard is to bring confidence to the customer that the company's products and services will be created in a repetitive and consistent manner, so that it acquires a quality, according to what has been defined by the company.

A Bevap possui a certificação ISO9001 e segue todas as normas de qualidade.

Food Quality and Safety Policy

Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu S/A, has the commitment to produce and supply Electric Energy, Ethanol and Sugar, taking into account the quality of the products, the safety of the food and our employees, and the needs of the customer.

- Look for customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory, statutory and contractual requirements.
- Meet the internal and external standards of Food Quality and Safety.
- Maintain active communication with external parties effectively.
- Ensure the continuous improvement of our Quality, Food Safety and Process management system.
- Preserve the physical integrity and health of your employees and partners, focusing on safe processes and behaviors.