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Bevap Bioenergy

The world is undergoing constant transformation and requires increasing amounts of energy for its growth. Welcome to Bevap!

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VHP and Crystal

VHP sugar is sugar in its raw form. It is used as a raw material for various products and refineries, and the Crystal sugar is obtained through a process of controlled crystallization.

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Ethanol is produced by fermenting sugarcane. It is used directly in internal combustion engines for vehicles powered by ethanol or “flex fuel.”

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Electric Power


Electric power is produced through cogeneration, in which biomass, resulting from sugarcane milling, is used as fuel in boilers to produce steam and power.

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Own Plantation

In addition to planting our own sugarcane, we buy it through partnerships with producers located near our facilities.

Planting and Harvest 100%

Using the latest equipment, monitored by satellite. This ensures precision and efficiency in our processes.

Complete Mechanization

Is not only good for our agricultural workers, but also considerably reduces costs and provides numerous environmental benefits.

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Optimized Production

Our gains in industrial production are due to our new equipment and industrial plant optimization.

Automated System

Our fully-automated system allows integration and communication among our operating areas with higher production performance.

Controlled Gas Emission

At Bevap, we also control our gas emissions, monitoring the collection, retention, transposition and disposal of waste.

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The channel was created to demonstrate total transparency in our operations.

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Where We Are

The mill is strategically positioned in relation to the local consumer markets and export routes.

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