Bevap, energy that renews.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

and Environmental Responsibility

Bevap believes that productive activity must take place in accordance with the environment and society. Therefore, it invests in a series of socio-environmental activities and actions.

The company knows that pursuing environmental balance is critical for the good of our planet and the environment we live in. Concerned with preservation and environmental recovery, Bevap pays special attention to the preservation of permanent areas and legal reserve.

Bevap inaugurates a new cycle in the generation of bioenergy for Brazil and the world. A new business model, in which agro-industrial operations are strongly integrated and combine with competitiveness, socio-environmental responsibility and sustainability.


the 3 pillars of sustainability



Bevap performs its productive activities in accordance with good sustainability practices. Therefore, it invests in a series of activities and actions of a socio-environmental, quality, complaince and technological innovation, and measuring results through its sustainability report, whose objective is to always have an energy that is renewed in sustainable actions. In this sense, Bevap presents the first sustainability report following the GRI requirements of international standards.