At Bevap, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.


Crystal Sugar

Obtained by a controlled crystallization process, from the treated sugarcane juice. It has fine crystals, regular and high gloss. It is intended for general use in the food industry, in addition to the possibility of being packaged for direct consumption.



Ethanol is produced by the fermentation of sugarcane and used directly in the engines of vehicles powered by ethanol or "flex fuel".


Electric Power

Produced by means of cogeneration processes, in which the biomass resulting from the milling of the cane is used as fuel in the boilers for the production of steam and energy. It is a renewable energy that has a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
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The world is in constant transformation and requires, each time more, energy for its growth. Energy coming from a responsible and sustainable way. Living in this environment is the challenge of the sugar-energy sector for the future.

Bevap, Bioenergetics of Vale do Paracatu S/A, is a company with the most advanced technological resources on the market, 100% mechanized processes, availability of land for sugarcane cultivation, excellent irrigation infrastructure, modern facilities and use of biomass for electricity generation.