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Bevap is located in the northeastern part of the state of Minas Gerais, in the municipality of João Pinheiro, in the Paracatu River Valley. This puts it in a strategic location for local consumer markets and export routes.

The region is on an open plain, with various soil types, excellent water resources and the perfect altitude and climate for sugarcane farming. .

The intensity of the sunlight and temperature are ideal for sugarcane growth year-round, making the area more productive. The lack of rain in the winter helps the sugarcane mature, while the flatness of the land allows for the complete mechanization of farming.


in Technology

A point of reference in quality, Bevap is also one of Brazil’s most technologically advanced ethanol, sugar and electric power cogeneration mills. We make a significant contribution to our region’s and state’s economy.

We generate electric power by burning sugarcane bagasse. We use part of this power to make our mill energy self-sufficient, and we sell the rest through the Brazilian power distribution system. Our modern and ecologically responsible processes meet an ever-growing need for clean, renewable power.



In addition to planting our own sugarcane, we buy it through partnerships with producers located near our facilities.

Planting and harvesting in our agricultural area is 100%-mechanized, using the latest equipment, monitored by satellite. This ensures precision and efficiency in our processes.

Completely mechanized harvesting is not only good for our agricultural workers, but also considerably reduces costs and provides numerous environmental benefits. Mechanized harvesting allows us to avoid burning the stubble, thereby avoiding damaging the environment.

We also stand out because 100% of our fields are irrigated. We use sprinkler irrigation and take advantage of vinasse – factors that increase the productivity and longevity of our sugarcane fields. We are also pioneers in implementing drip irrigation in sugarcane cultivation – a more efficient way to provide water and localized nutrients, resulting in environmental gains.



Our gains in industrial production are due to our new equipment and industrial plant optimization, giving us flexibility to produce ethanol or sugar.

Our fully-automated system allows integration and communication among our operating areas, with less human participation and higher production performance.

At Bevap, we also control our gas emissions, monitoring the collection, retention, transposition and disposal of waste to avoid contaminating the soil, air, water table and natural springs.


Bevap seeks constant technological development and innovation in every area. Our goal is to increase productivity throughout our agricultural and industrial areas, while at the same time properly disposing of and treating waste. At Bevap, nothing is wasted – everything is transformed

Electric Power Cogeneration

Power is our highest-value product, with our electric power cogeneration optimized to the highest level. To further improve our power production, we have specially-designed generators to ensure the highest efficiency in the generation process.

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