3 de December de 2018

Bevap is “AAA”

BEVAP Bioenergy’s agricultural performance in the 2017/18 harvest was attested through the Pre-Rating conducted by BENRI (Biomass Energy Research Institute), an independent rating system for sugar […]
3 de December de 2018

Bevap brings artificial intelligence and IoT to the process of harvesting, transhipment and transportation of sugarcane

With CASE for the implementation of the SOLINFITEC system Bevap was selected from among the 100+ Innovators in Brazil in IT Use, awards and events organized […]
3 de December de 2018

Sustainable Growth Program

Bevap and Netafim again partnered to implement over 406 hectares of drip irritation, totaling so far approximately 1,000 hectares. In the coming years, the forecast is […]
3 de December de 2018

Bevap Open Doors

Visit of the students and professors of the Federal University of Uberlândia / Polo Patos de Minas
3 de December de 2018

National Traffic Day

Education and awareness for safer traffic. Bevap promoted an Education Blitz in the region on National Traffic Day, September 25th. With the participation of PMMG from […]
4 de October de 2018

MasterCana Centro Sul 2018

Meet the awards that Bevap received at the MasterCana Centro Sul 2018 event. Bioelectricity Strategy and Management – Reporting Channel Mechanization – Production of Harvesters Irrigation […]